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Have you ever undergone the pain of finding a fax machine? If you did, then we know how it is! Though the fax machine is outdated, there are still few organisations that still rely on fax copies.
How do you manage such scenarios, where you are away from the store and your documents? We know it’s damn difficult. But not anymore! We have a solution for you.

We have the faxing app for your smartphone to get your work done without much hassle and work. You need to have a smartphone, and you are set to go. We do the rest of the work, and promise you a safe deliver of your documents to the concerned person.
Once you install the app, you just need to do clicking. Once done, you will receive a number which stays active for 24 hours and you can send and receive faxes on that number for a whole day. We have various plans, flexible for our customers. We understand that not everyone needs to use fax every day, and few who really need it daily. So we have plans that match your needs.

We do offer free services up to a maximum of 10 pages of fax receiving and 5 free pages to send. After which you will be charged prices based on plans. If you don’t opt for a plan, then your data charges will apply.

We never compromise on safety of our customers, we ensure that all your documents are in safe hands, you can trust in us completely. We do what we say! We hope our services will put your faxing worries away and help you accomplish your task on time, without any hassle. We have a dedicated team of CSE’s who are at your help anytime, in case there are any problems occurred or any clarification needed.

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