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Mobile devices were invented with the main intention being connected to families or friends, from far off places in no time. But today, the usage of mobile aka Smartphones have gone beyond imaginations. They are an all in one package in today’s scenario. We are living in a fast changing life, where time matters a lot, sometimes even in seconds. The requirements and results are needed in seconds, and with the invention of smartphones mankind are able to cope with these needs.

Differences between the regular phone or Mobile and Smartphones:
Mobile phones mainly were created to communicate, voice calls was the main aim. So, concentration was given majorly to this part and the rest few supporting features were added to enhance the phone. The smartphone has changed the way we look and use our phones.
Smartphones are smarter than us, these days. Via third party apps, you can do anything and everything under the sun using your smartphone. You have the basic features of voice calls, date and alarms, calculators and so on. In addition to them, you can make Video calls to your far off sister or brother who are continents away and still feel connected. Voice recognition and speech technology, internet messaging over text messages, Office tools on your phone, Mails (Outlook, Gmail, Box etc.), music apps, picture editing apps, learning apps, games(not to forget) and food apps. The lists of applications that can be used on a smartphone to make your daily life, easy, entertaining and accessible are endless.
Now, we have technologies that even enable you to take a print of documents that are in your smartphone, by connecting your smartphone to the printer and selecting the required document. So, online transactions are it as a mail communication or texting on internet apps have taken the prime spot. It has become the part and parcel of our lives and without our smartphones, surely we become handicapped. Don’t you all agree? A day without a smartphone is a black day for all us, as it has all the contacts, mails, messages, office apps, many pdf files and so on.
Well, when we are moving so much forward, converting every possible thing to online, there are people who still believe in the age old hard copies of files and other things, like the government organisations and few institutions. Before the arrival of smartphones we did rely on fax machines which did the work for us. But, now fax machines are outdated and finding a fax machine is really rare, because of its cost involved, lesser usage and space consumption.
So, when someone needs a fax copy of a document, how do you do that?

You have three options:

  • Have a fax machine? Then send it directly.
  • Find a nearby fax store, and use their facilities.
  • Use your smartphone and install and app for fax, subscribe and send faxes from anywhere to anywhere on this planet.

The first is really near to impossible option, at least in today’s scenario, where fax machines are outdated. It’s not just fax machines, even the land-line connections that are needed are also outdated.
Second option is good when you hardly do, may be once ina year. But, the drawbacks are you need to locate a store, which is the real difficult part.
The most feasible option is the use of smartphone Faxing apps. Very worthy, works in a jiffy and you needn’t roam around or wait for your turn and all other things.

How can you fax using your smartphone?
Well, this is really interesting, but a simple procedure too, from your end. You need to download apps that are into faxing, like Fax Burner for iOS, and My Fax for others. Install them and start sending and receiving faxes. As simple as that!!

Are they free?
No!! Not every app is free. And even if they are free, there are limitations to the number of pages you can receive or send. After the limit you must be subscribed to a plan. The reason is, unlike other apps, this faxing app requires phone connections, and servers to track and send your fax.

Important point to note while deciding on the app:
Not all glitters are gold! Same way, not all companies are good and trustworthy. You must be very careful in this regard. Find out the best and safe sources, which you can trust and also who can be relied on.
The most recommended apps, based on Trustworthiness, safety, and budget factors are:

  • Fax Burner
  • My Fax
  • Ring central Fax

They offer you a few pages up to 10(maximum) free per month, and if you are an occasional user, this should be perfect for you. If not, they have flexible plans all within budget, check the one that matches your requirement.

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